Iraan muslim

Meet iranian muslims on lovehabibi - the number one place on the web for connecting with muslims and islamically-minded people from iran. At the time of the egyptian crisis, ahmad mustafa, an economic and political analyst from egypt, finds an opportunity to travel to iran to meet and talk sunn.

Iran's supreme leader has said saudi arabia's alignment with the united states and israel is certainly a betrayal of the muslims ayatollah ali khamenei made the remark at a conference attended by parliamentary representatives from islamic countries on tuesday in tehran, according to a statement.

Iran’s supreme leader called on muslim nations to unite against the united states, saying tehran would never yield to 'bullying,' state television reported on thursday. Iranian president hassan rouhani called on muslim nations to abandon their ties with israel and sever trade with the united states during a televised speech friday from the 67-nation organisation of islamic.

How can the answer be improved. Before fleeing iran, hengameh pourfakhr says, she was one of many minorities persecuted in the country.

So i just finished reading an iranian book,funny in farsi, therefore, i went to youtube to see a persian wedding so i was wondering what i saw in the below video is true or not i mean during the persian weddings,do the bride really wears western clothes that exposes some parts of her body that should have been covered and the couple. Iran, known as persia until 1935 and now officially the islamic republic of iran, is the second-largest nation in the middle east by population. Iran has rallied groups across the middle east against what it perceives to be the combined interests of isis, israel, saudi arabia and the us.

From escaping iran through the mountains as a muslim refugee, to surviving domestic abuse and months in turkey’s terrifying agri prison, to carving out a life in europe, annahita parsan’s life story is the stuff of a hollywood movie. Perhaps the most visible mark of iran's islamic leanings is the conservative dress expected of its citizens the most common uniform consists of a head scarf (roo-sari, روسری) to conceal the head and neck, a formless, knee-length coat known as a roo-poosh (روپوش) and a long dress or pair of pants.

Iraan muslim
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